about us

Ghostland Media was created by Heath Vinyard & Erika Vinyard with one goal in mind, high quality music videos, online media, corporate videos and more at affordable prices for all.

We are professional media content creators working around the globe creating the best commercials, music videos, corporate training videos, interviews and online media with an attention to detail and an eye for creating the best visuals.

why we are different

We care! That’s the basis of everything we do. Caring more about your image than anything else and working through every angle and idea until that image is solid and breathtaking to showcase your ideas to your audience. We work under all conditions, work through multiple concepts, all the while having a positive WILL-DO attitude and tirelessly push the boundaries on what is possible.

We can help you craft, create stylize and streamline your image, brand and ideas into a locomotive force that cannot be ignored. Using diverse skills, cutting edge technology and highly creative minds, we can create content for any media campaign, short form, long form, music video, corporate training, online media, or any other professional video and media needs.

our imagination

Our vision and creativity spans from many areas of media. From cinema, to music videos, to cutting edgy commercials, we draw inspiration from anything creative and from this variety of influences we create unique and forward thinking media.

Thinking outside the box, and not believing in limitations, we can take any budget and stretch it to create and achieve the most amazing videos and media.